NEAR (Network of Architecture and Research) is an agency specialized in architecture, urban design and interior design that moves it first steps in 2001 as a collaboration between Cristiano Lippa, Fabiano Micocci and Lorenzo Scarpetti, all of them graduated at Roma Tre University. During the years each of us got different experiences in Italy and other countries like USA, Japan, Greece, Netherland, Lebanon, and it offered the opportunity to develop an innovative organization of our office base on a network that works as a platform to exchange knowledge and ideas.

Our office deals with design at different scale and various typologies, among them: urban planning, landscape, public spaces, housing and public buildings, interior and furniture design. Our professional skills are coupled with a strong interest in research and the production of theory. This liaison focuses on innovative technologies, experimentation with materials, and a constant confrontation with the international architecture panorama. This attitude allows us to offer multiples solutions to a problem with the possibility to easily match commitments' requests, program requirements and specific context.

Every project starts from an accurate study of the context and the program requirements to development a synergy with the client, accordingly to the budget and available resources. The office is structure to propose a clear and functional design project, with a product with a design high quality. We follow this approach from the beginning of the design process to the end until the construction phase.

Cristiano Lippa
Diploma Architecture Roma Tre
PhD University of Tokyo
Michela Iori
Diploma Architecture Roma Tre
Fabiano Micocci, assistant professor University of Thessaly
Diploma Architecture, Roma Tre
Specialization Course History of the Design Process, Roma Tre
PhD Architecture and Urban Design, University of Florence
Lorenzo Scarpetti
Diploma Architecture Roma Tre

Rome Office
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+39 3934316444

Athens Office
+30 69306156822